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Post release

The two-day International Investment Forum “Kostanay-Invest 2017” was held in Kostanay city on September 20-21.  Over 260 participants took part in it, among them were heads of central governmental authorities responsible for policy formation in investment raising and retention, national companies, international and Kazakhstani financial development institutions, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, representatives of large foreign and Kazakhstani private companies.

Ambassadors of Japan and Poland, as well as the Prime-Minister of Tatarstan, who are interested in cooperation with Kazakhstan and in particular with the Kostanay Region, participated in the Forum. The total number of Forum participants from other regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from Russia, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Poland, Japan, China, and Egypt exceeded 100 persons.

Discussion of investment opportunities of the Kostanay Region and the roadmap for investment raising and retention in the Kostanay Region was the main topic of the Forum.
The Forum’s primary objective was to assist the Kostanay business in searching partners for joint implementation of project in the mining and metallurgy industry, mechanical engineering, agricultural products manufacturing, and tourism, as well as to raise investment capital in the region, to discuss new trends and prospects for business.

In addition to business contact establishing, a range of challenges that can prevent efficient cooperation of domestic business and foreign partners and investors was discussed during the Forum.

The Forum allowed participants to study economical, legal and other terms and conditions of doing business in the region, to familiarize with the investment potential and to discuss with official and business community representatives the investment cooperation prospects in four economy sectors: agriculture, mining and metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and tourism.

Based on the Forum results, over 20 investment contracts were signed, which will create 2 thousand jobs. Among them were Memoranda between the Kostanay Region Akimat and the Asian Development Bank, Otbasy AgropromHolding LLP , Global Gas Group LLP, JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan OJSC, Polish-Kazakhstan Agricultural Cluster, Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC, as well as the Founders Agreement between   Tobol Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation JSC and Vek Plant OJSC, Loan Agreement, Subsidizing Agreement, Guarantee Contract between entrepreneurs of the Kostanay Region and  Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC and second-tier banks within Nurly-Zher Program and  Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship Development Program, as well as a number of other documents on mutual cooperation.

Following signing of the above documents, the amount of investments in the Kostanay Region totaled to more than 580 mln. USD.
Summarizing the Forum results, the Akim of the Kostanay Region Arkhimed Mukhambetov mentioned: “It is necessary to continue working in this direction. Investment opportunities of our region are not limited.”