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Open investment opportunities

It is the purpose of state support of investments to create a sound investment climate for economic development and investment promotion to create new, expand and update existing operations using modern technologies, improve skills of Kazakhstani employees and protect the environment.

State support of investments lies in provision of investment preferences.

Mining Sector

At the republican level of industrial production, mining industry of the Kostanay region accounts for 100% of iron ore pellets, bauxites, asbestos and more than 60% of iron ore. SSGPO JSC sites on the territory of the region which is the largest iron ore mining company not only in Kostanay region but also in Kazakhstan. Kostanay region is the only region in Central Asia that has a deposit of chrysotile-asbestos, it is the place where Kostanay Minerals JSC is located. Also mining industry of the region is represented by the following companies: Varvarinskoye JSC, Komarovskoe Mining Company LLP and Brendt LLP (mining of gold ore, producing copper concentrate and Dore alloy), branches of Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC – Krasno-Oktyabrskoye and Torgayskoye mining units (bauxite mining), Lisakovskiy branch of Orken LLP (iron ore mining and beneficiation), Evraz Kaspian Steel LLP and SSGPO metal rolling plant (producing hot-rolled rods and bars).


Naurzum State Nature Reserve is considered to be the center of ecotourism which is in the List of Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Currently, total area of ​​the exclusion zone is 191,381 hectares. Total area of ​​the buffer zone is 116.7 hectares. There are 6 excursion paths on the territory of the Reserve, 2 excursion routes have been developed. There are 3 guest houses hosting tourists, a forest propaganda house. Visitor center “Naurzum is a Mysterious Land” was opened in 2012 where museum expositions, a conference hall and a small cafe are located.

Agroindustrial sector

Kostanay region is one of the principal granaries of the republic and contributes significantly in the country’s food supply security. There are 5,577 agricultural companies in the region. Spring sowing area is 4.8 million ha, including 4.2 thousand ha for grain, 351.3 thousand ha for oilseeds and 178.5 thousand ha for feed crop. Cattle stock is 471 thousand heads, including 42% in the production sector, 58% in private subsidiary farms. Average annual grain export is 1,450 thousand tons, flour 860 thousand tons.

Mechanical Engineering

Along with production of agricultural equipment and combine harvesters, automobile manufacturing is rapidly developing in mechanical engineering sector of the region. Currently, automobile manufacturing companies of AgromasHolding JSC and SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP set up manufacture of 59 automobile models of 9 brands (SsangYong, Peugeot, Iveco, Toyota, Hyundai, JAC, Chevrolet Niva, Ravon, Ankai), which are manufactured both by semi and completely knocked down assembly. Such companies as Agrotekhmash LLP (assembly of tractors, manufacture of their spare parts and rendering services on repairs of agricultural equipment), Dormash LLP (manufacture of spare parts, repair of units and aggregates of agricultural and road-building machinery), Don Mar LLP (manufacture of trailed windrowers), Asmadin Project LLP (repairs of shunting locomotives) and others are conducting activities in the mechanical engineering sector.